Project Lazurus
Project Lazurus

A Lamborghini restoration centre is good news for everybody!

The guys at Automobilii Lamborghini have decided to re-launch a dedicated Lamborghini restoration centre in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. This should come as good news not just for Lamborghini owners but fans of the marque all over the world. Lamborghini claims that the centre will serve as a repository of precious and authentic spare parts of all Lamborghini vehicles, classic and new.


The facility will also serve as a centre for vehicle certification, furnishing the customers with the necessary documentation for classic cars. Lamborghini says that digital copies of said documents will also be made available to all customers, journalists, writers and researchers should they want more details about the history of the cars.


.Officially called the Lamborghini Polo Storico, the store aims to slowly expand the breadth of services available. For now it means that owners from all over the world can lengthen the lifespan of their beloved Lamborghinis by using original paint, spare parts and Lamborghini certified craftsmanship. The centre claims to contain original parts for every Lamborghini model ever made, which can be delivered to any address in the world following a request made online.


And what if a specific part isn’t in stock? Lamborghini say they will manufacture a new one using original blueprints. This means that classic Lamborghini owners will perhaps be more willing to drive their cars around instead of keeping it in a hermetically sealed garage somewhere in the suburbs. A large part of classic car ownership involves extensive care and very little driving – hopefully the last bit can finally change and more people get to see a Miura or an Espada or even (whimper) an LM002 thunder past them on the expressway.

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