Six of the priciest, plushest cars you can buy in India
Six of the priciest, plushest cars you can buy in India

If you have a few crore rupees lying around and want to buy a car that makes a statement, here are a few suggestions

  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II


Nothing is as opulent as the Rs 7 to 9 crore rupee Phantom, with its acres of interior space and luxury accoutrements to pamper you. From the best hides and wood in the world to the sheer bevy of features that will keep you and your chauffeur occupied on your trip, the Phantom Series II also boasts of fantastic build and ride quality, as well as personalisation options that run into the thousands. On the day you decide to ditch your chauffeur and head out for a drive, you will be greeted by the silkiest V12 motor in existence and a steering wheel that feels like it’s traversing through a pit of marshmallows. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, as they say.




  1. Range Rover LWB


Need an SUV that is (nearly) as luxurious as the Rolls? The Range Rover Long Wheel Base presents itself. So, what do you get with the Rs 3 crore Rangie? For one, a longer wheelbase, which means more room on the inside, especially for rear seat occupants. They also enjoy the privilege of being in a seat that can be configured for rake and support, just like an airline’s business class seat. Touchscreen entertainment, SatNav and a myriad of airbags, ESP-TC and ABS apart, you also get different modes on the all-terrain system that can either be selected manually or left in auto mode, where the vehicle does the rest for you, so you can conquer the Sahara or the difficult tracts of South America in absolute comfort. When you hit the road, you will be smiling ear to ear, as the rip-roaring, supercharged V8 or torquey diesel motor keep you entertained. This is by far the most practical car in this list.




  1. Bentley Continental GTC


Want a comfortable four seater that can lose its top? Look no further than the Continental GTC from the house of Bentley. Based on the Continental GT coupe, the GTC uses an electrically controlled soft top mechanism that can be lowered or raised in seconds, at the press of a button. Roll it up and you have decent room in the boot for weekend luggage for four. Lots of expensive leather, aluminium and wood bits apart, it gets a very sorted audio system and several driving modes to select from. You can choose from the torquey, 550 bhp W12 petrol or a 500 bhp turbo V8, both of which have distinct character traits. A Bentley isn’t the last word in handling, but it corners neatly and the ride quality is quite impressive. For just over Rs 3 crore, it’s a wind-in-the-hair experience that’s truly special.




  1. Lamborghini Huracan


The newest raging bull is also the easiest Lambo to drive – ever. The Huracan may be powered by a stonking, 5.2-litre V10 that produces 600 mad horses, but it’s a complete doddle and can make a superhero driver out of practically anyone. The cockpit is larger and more comfortable than its predecessor, the Gallardo, with a TFT screen for instruments and rather well finished controls. Select Strada and it drives just like a comfortable luxury saloon, but change the driving mode to Sport or Corsa and it develops fangs, gunning for the horizon in just 3.2 seconds with a top speed of over 320 kph, as the V10 screams like a banshee. The all-wheel drive Huracan is also quite sorted at the limit, providing maximum traction and unbelievable levels of grip. It doesn’t hurt that it looks smashing, either. A must have if you can spare Rs 3.5 crore or so.




  1. Ferrari F12


If you’ve got to have a Ferrari, it must either be a mid-engined V8 or a screaming V12. In our case, we are inclined towards the latter. Let’s put it this way – the Ferrari F12 is the best V12 powered supercar you can buy. The chest-thumping engine produces 730 bhp from its 6-litre naturally aspirated motor, and our guess is it’s the last naturally aspirated V12 from Ferrari, since the next one will either be turbocharged or hybrid. Mated to a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, it can go from 0-100 kph in just 3 seconds and boasts of a top speed close to 330 kph. It handles like a dream, with the fast turning steering and dynamic balance that is unique only to a Ferrari. If you order one now, be prepared to be poorer by Rs 6 to 7 crore, depending on options. You can have it in any colour, as long as it’s not pink. And no, we aren’t joking.




  1. Porsche 911 GT3


If you have a fetish for spending time driving on race tracks, yet want something that can handle the rigours of road driving, then the GT3 is the perfect calling card. It’s powered by a flat-six, 3.8-litre motor with 470 bhp on tap. With its lightning quick, seven-speed PDK dual clutch gearbox, it’s as easy to drive hard as it is to cruise around in. You won’t mistake the GT3 for another 911, thanks to its signature wing spoiler and other external accoutrements. It’s also got the go to match the show, making a lovely flat-six thrum as it motors along. For Rs 2 crore, it’s the best road and track car money can buy!




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