Switzerland May Have To Ban EV Charging Stations  

And it’s not just down to the drastic drop in temperature that halts hydropower generation

In a rather bizarre turn of events, Switzerland is thinking of banning EVs. But wait, it is for a completely rational reason. According to reports, the European country might not have enough power to survive the winter and hence needs to cut down on consumption.


The country is heavily dependent on hydropower to produce energy. Around 60 per cent of Switzerland’s electricity is made through dams. However, the production slows down in winters, given the drastic drop in temperature.   


To meet its requirement, Switzerland borrows most of its energy from its neighbours – France and Germany. But the catch is, the two countries themselves are running low on energy, as the supply of natural gas has plummeted due to the ongoing Russia – Ukraine conflict. France, which produces all of its energy, needs to import some this year for the first time in decades.   


Tesla, Patrick Robert Doyle (Unsplash)


Coming back to Switzerland though, the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission, ElCom had already released a statement back in June, saying the power supply for winter may remain uncertain. To combat this, ElCom has come up with a 4-step escalation plan. The third stage here includes plugging-off EV charging stations across the country. However, they did state that EVs will be allowed to charge but only for “absolutely necessary journeys.”  


But don’t sweat (yet). The emergency proposal which is called ‘Ordinance on Restrictions and Prohibitions on the Use of Electric Energy,’ outlines this ruling as, “The private use of electric cars is only permitted for absolutely necessary journeys (e.g. exercising one’s profession, shopping, visiting the doctor, attending religious events, attending court appointments)” is still in its drafting stage. In all likelihood, the country may enforce a partial ban instead of a Covid-style umbrella.   

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