Yes, Tesla makes good cars. But they coat them in boring colours. That has always been a common complaint. But the American carmaker plans to get rid of that problem with a new service — an official Tesla car wrap.

In case you bought an amazing Tesla in a boring colour, you would be forced to head down to a special shop to coat your car in a colour that you wanted to in the first place, but couldn’t because of Tesla’s limited colour catalogue. But Tesla did have a big reason for this. The limited colour options helped the company streamline production and increase efficiency.  But now, Tesla has introduced its own car wrapping services through its delivery centers to help cover your car in ‘electrifying’ colours.

The service will first be introduced in five cities in China — Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Suzhou. Depending on how well the service fairs, the company might expand the service in other parts of the globe.