The Mercedes-AMG One Can Do 0-200kph In Under 7 Seconds
The F1-Inspired Mercedes-AMG One Packs In Some Powerful Numbers  

Ready to feel like Lewis Hamilton? Check out this Mercedes-AMG One makes that is capable of making 1049hp

It’s been nearly five years since the ambitious Mercedes-AMG One concept was showcased. Today, we finally have the (almost) production-ready model in our sights, and let’s just say it’s one for the posters!


Apart from the very obvious F1-inspired design, the main headline-grabbing features here include the massive 1049hp and a top speed of more than 350kph, which we’re sure is electronically limited. Mercedes doesn’t want you to land on the moon after all. 




Right, but first things first. The design of the car appears to be taken out of every gearhead’s dream, with race-y flowing lines all over and a spaceship-like silhouette. Everything here is designed to precision. The German marque claims that learnings were taken from its F1 car driven by Lewis Hamilton, and integrated into what we see today. 




Getting inside the car is an experience of its own with butterfly doors letting you into cabin. Here, you are greeted by a rectangular steering wheel, again taken from F1. Then there are the two 10-inch digital screens, which act as your infotainment system.




The entire Mercedes AMG One is built on an aluminium monocoque chassis with bits and pieces of carbon-fibre spread across the bodywork. What’s more intriguing is that the overall design and elements of the street-legal car don’t differ away too much from the Project One concept that was unveiled back in 2017. 


The whole five-and-a-half year endeavour is said to be so challenging that recently the company’s chief executive Ola Källenius said that the car manufacturer’s supervisory board ‘must’ve been drunk’ when they decided to greenlight it. 



And it sort of shows. Its F1-inspired 1.6-litre V6 motor comes with four electric motors, sending power to each wheel. The company claims the engine is capable of revving up to 11,000rpm with the help of a single turbocharger and electrical assist. On its own, the V6 motor can churn up to 573hp, which can be doubled as stated earlier. Putting numbers into perspective, the AMG One can sprint from 0-200kph in—believe it or not—less than 7 seconds.


Good luck grabbing one of these though, as the Mercedes-AMG One will be limited to only 275 units and they’ve all been booked. As far as pricing is concerned, reports suggest it’ll cost around the $2.75 million mark. 


( Image credits: Mercedes-AMG )

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