The Lamborghini Urus Gets A Midas Touch
The Lamborghini Urus Gets A Midas Touch

Flashy gold paint, a retuned motor and not-so-subtle design changes are only some of the highlights here

The most subtle thing about a Lamborghini is the drive to the showroom. Lambos— also known as the ‘Raging Bull Of Bologna’ —is designed to be flashy and in your face. But what happens when someone takes it a notch higher? Well, you get something that looks similar to what Mansory has managed to do with the Urus.



If owning a Lambo was similar to having a loud argument, the customs houses’ new Venatus kit for the Urus is akin to getting into a screaming contest. Dripped in an exorbitant layer of gold-coloured paint (called the Bronzo Zenas) gives it the appearance of costing as much as a small nation’s gold reserve. There are a few design changes too, including a revised bumper with a more pronounced splitter along with rather dramatic lines across the bodywork.



The custom SUV also gets a more distinctive hood than the standard model, along with a new front quarter panel and a bit of minor aerodynamic changes, with flared wheel arches and extended side skirts.



What’s rather interesting here is while the front still looks a bit like the Standard Urus, the rear seems to have seen a bigger facelift, with a small spoiler stretching out of the roof, along with a subtle lip spoiler attached to the trunk. Even the three exhaust setups at the rear sport a similar configuration to the Apollo Intensa Emozione pair.



Underneath all of the new drama is a similar story, albeit with a few updates. Powering it is still a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 motor, which now makes 912PS of power compared to the standard’s 666PS. Torque has gone up too, from 850Nm to 1,100Nm. While there are no confirmed reports on the cost of Mansonry’s kit, expect it cost a bit much on top of the Urus’ retail price.

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