The stars of the Tokyo Motor Show

The Japanese automotive industry has always had one eye fixed firmly on the future. And it all appears to have paid off at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, which appears to have excellent news for auto enthusiasts all over the world. We list out our favourites from the event.


Mazda RX-VisionMazda made petrolheads squeal with glee as it announced the return of the legendary Rotary engine. The engine is the demi god of small capacity engines, having done duty in cars like the RX-7 and the RX-8. Owing to it’s lack of efficiency, Mazda decided to discontinue the engine, causing a lot of sighing world wide. Recently Mazda announced that the Rotary engine will indeed be making a comeback. If that news wasn’t exciting enough, Mazda revealed the car that it would be housed in. Say hello to the RX-Vision concept. Mazda have been behind some of the most sensational looking cars in the past (Read: Furai) so we’d be happy even if a diluted version of the concept makes it to production. The RX-7 has returned.




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