This Nissan concept might be the most Japanese car ever

Changing dashboard panels and seat covers like you would your desktop wallpaper – that’s what the future city-car has in store for you.

It’s called the Nissan Teatro for Dayz – the Japanese have a way with car names, and it’s a preview of what a typical hi-tech Japanese city would be like. The car would be showcased at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, and is unique for the fact that it covers most of its interiors with tiny LED panels which renders the interiors completely interactive.


Nissan’s idea was to make a car that would appeal to the selfie generation, which is why it allows those who aren’t driving to interact with the outside world and share while being transported from one end to the other. The panels are highly customisable and allow you to use navigation, telemetry and other social media apps , even while sitting at the back. Along with this you get plenty of necessary driving data displayed in front of you. Even the exterior possesses a few LED panels. Everything is operated via voice control in this car, so don’t expect to find any knobs. Although cars with display panels have been showcased in the past, nothing allows for digital customisation on such a level. Even the seat design can be completely altered on the slightest of whims.


Nissan’s executive design director Satoshi Tai says in a statement. “For example, through design we typically try to convey a sense of acceleration, power, or supreme quality. But these values do not resonate with share natives. If anything, such car traits just call to mind old-fashioned technology that bears little relevance to their lives.”


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