Top 10 most iconic Bond cars

Bond’s most trusted allies, these cars have seen 007 through some of his most daring adventures

Let’s face it, the Bond film franchise would be quite incomplete without the sensational cars that have thrilled audiences for decades. High-speed escapades, last minute surprises and lots of hidden gadgets – that’s what Bond cars are all about. Although Bond has predominantly driven Aston Martins throughout his career as an MI6 spy, he has enjoyed brief stints in some other fantastic cars too.




      1.Aston Martin DB5



      The Aston Martin DB5 will forever remain, the quintessential Bond car. Like Bond himself, the DB5 has aged rather well, and has continued to make appearances long after it was first seen in Goldfinger. Equipped with all kinds of gadgets from the Q branch, the DB5 became so popular that Bond developed a partiality to the brand that revived their fortunes. No matter who plays James Bond – the DB5 will continue to be a fixture in the future of the franchise.





  1.      Aston Martin DB10



   The Aston Martin DB10 is the first Aston Martin that has been created solely for the latest Bond film Spectre. Although Aston Martin have said that it forms the basis for what the upcoming DB10 would look like, the car you see in the movie doesn’t exist in real life. What’s remarkable is the fact that Aston created fully functional prototypes instead of replicas which meant that all the driving sequences seen in the movie are authentic. Craig claims to have even wrecked 2 or 3. Ouch.


Lotus Esprit



   Seen only in The Spy Who Loved Me, the Esprit was the bigest ace up Bond’s sleeve. The car which had run out of runway during a pursuit, flummoxed Bond’s pursuer by taking a nose-dive into the sea, transforming into an amphibious submarine and giving the franchise one of its most memorable moments. The car was recently auctioned and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is said to have picked it up for an outrageous amount of money.





  1.      Toyota 2000GT



The 2000 GT is one of the rarest cars in the world, and Japan’s first supercar The car appeared in You Only Live Twice, albeit without a roof, making it the only known open-top 2000GT.





  1.       BMW Z8



   Bond of the 90’s relied decided to break from tradition and opted for a swanky BMW Z8 in The World is not enough. This didn’t go down very well with the fans, who were not exactly devastated when the car met a tragic end. It still remains one of the few bond vehicles operable via remote control.





  1.      Aston Martin DBS



M’s gift to Bond in the franchise reboot Casino Royale – the DB9 V12 is one of the most powerful Bond cars till date, enjoying a very brief stint in Casino Royale but stretching its legs properly by dispatching  couple of Alfa Romeos in Quantum of Solace.





  1.      Aston Martin Vanquish



The Vanquish was the most powerful production Aston at the time when it made an appearance in the ill-fated Die Another Day. Dubbed ‘the Vanish’ in the movie, the car had a pretty neat parlour trick – it could basically appear invisible. Not the most popular trick for a Bond car, the Vanish redeemed itself during a high-speed chase on ice, where it was pursued by a green Jaguar.





  1.      Ford Mustang



The blue-collar brute of a car was quite an unusual choice for the suave British super-spy, but it proved rather useful in what appears to be one of Bond’s most remarkable getaways. The only Bond vehicle to be temporarily driven on two wheels – albeit in a completely unscientific and ludicrous way, this was Bond’s last tryst with good old fashioned American muscle.  





  1. Aston Martin V8



 Is there a time when Aston hasn’t made a good looking car. Regardless of the popularity of Timothy Dalton as Bond, the car remains etched as one of the most desirable Aston Martins in the world.





  1.    Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II



 A Rolls might be a bit bulky for quick getaways but boy does it suit Bond’s style. Although it wasn’t driven by the man, the Rolls proved handy in a lake when Bond used the tyre’s air to sustain himself underwater.

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