Top EV-Friendly Cities In India: Delhi, Pune & Other Cities Ranked
Top 5 EV-Friendly Cities In India 

As it turns out, things aren’t as dire as you imagined

Ever since the electric revolution kicked off in India a couple of years ago, an avalanche of EVs has flooded our market. One basic google search will give you options ranging from small e-scooters to big and bulky SUVs. Yet, amidst rising fuel costs, only a few consumers want to invest in an EV right now, given the limited range of EVs and the lack of charging infrastructure.


While the limited range is bound to increase with advancements in battery tech, the lack of charging infrastructure is an issue that carmakers and even the government are trying to address aggressively. And if you are planning on buying an EV for yourself, here are a few cities that should keep your range anxiety at bay with their impressive charging infrastructure.


1) Delhi



Considering most of the EV policies take shape in the capital, it only makes sense that Delhi leads the charge when it comes to providing charging options. The city boasts of over 573 EV charging stations currently, with an additional 30,000 in the works. 


Additionally, India’s only two hydrogen refuelling plants are also based in the same region – one at the Indian Oil R&D Centre in Faridabad and the other at the National Institute of Solar Energy, Gurugram. 


2) Bengaluru 



Often referred to as the tech hub of India, Bengaluru has been home to many Indian EV start-ups over the years, including manufacturers like Ather and Ola. Not surprising then, the Karnataka government has installed over 136 charging stations throughout the city, with an additional 1,000 of them in the works. 


3) Hyderabad 



Closing in behind the two major cities in India is Hyderabad with its 150 EV charging stations, located across the city, with 300 more to come in the next few months. The Telangana government has made substantial efforts over the years, installing charging points near the metro rail, petrol pumps and railway stations.


4) Mumbai 



Trailing behind Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad is the financial hub of India with around 70 EV charging stations spread across the city, which is rapidly expanding. Back in January 2022, the state announced a massive push of installing a whopping 1,500 charging stations in the next couple of years, with the first 134 coming up in the coming months. 


5) Pune 



Despite many automakers calling the city their home, Pune has been lagging behind when it comes to the availability of charging stations. According to the latest reports, the city has around 23 EV stations. However, the Maharashtra government has announced to increase this number to over 700 in the coming years. 


Image credits: Ather, Kia, Tesla, Tata Motors

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