McLaren, Bugatti And Other Amazing Life-Size Lego Car Replicas Ever Built
From Bugatti Chiron To The Batmobile, Here Are The Top 7 Life-Size Lego Car Replicas Ever Made

After all, everything is awesome with Lego, right?

Last week the McLaren F1 team unveiled its new Formula One car. But unlike the complicated aerodynamic bits seen on its actual race cars, this one is entirely made out of Lego. According to the company, this 1:1 replica took a mammoth 2,88,315 bricks and 1,893 hours to assemble! While it may not help the British team in getting some much-needed points, it did get us looking into other similar Lego car creations. Here’s what we found. 


7) Ferrari Formula 1 Car



McLaren isn’t the first F1 team to take the help of Lego’s Master Model Builders. Back in the day, Ferrari designed and built its own version of the SF-70H replica. And just like the McLaren, it did not hold back on any details. Completed with a detailed F1 steering wheel and controls, this 1:1 replica took 349,911 pieces and almost 1,600 hours to complete.


6) Honda Civic Type-R



The upcoming model of this hot hatch may be setting lap records at Suzuki, but its Lego car replica is something you’d never want to take out on the road. Built with 320,000 pieces and 1,300 man-hours, this 1:1 replica of the Civic Type-R was showcased across Australia back in 2019 and won itself many admirers.


5) McLaren Senna



The McLaren Senna might just be one of the most complicated car designs put in production. So imagine the challenge of capturing the intricacies of its complicated aerodynamic design using rectangular bricks! Still, the company was able to complete the endeavour using more than half a million bricks and pouring 5,000 hours into the build. But the best part is, that this 1:1 replica came finished with a functional headlight and a sound system that replicated the car’s V8 roar. Just amazing!


4) Porsche 911 GT3 RS



Just like McLaren, building a scale replica of a Porsche can be equally challenging. After all, how do you capture the unique “curve-ness” of a Porsche with the help of rectangular blocks? A challenge that is literally equivalent of putting square pegs in round holes. Here’s the 1:1 replica of the 911 GT3 RS that’s on display in Sweden. While the exact details of the build aren’t known yet, it still manages to create quite an impression, doesn’t it?


3) Classic Ford Mustang



Perhaps one of the most accurate replicas on the list in terms of details, this Lego 1964 Ford Mustang was commissioned by a dealer in America back in 2016. Made out of nearly 194,900 bricks blue bricks, the 1:1 replica also came wired with a horn and a speaker under the hood, which just like the Senna, emitted the proper V8 howl.


2) The Batmobile



Each version of Batman gets his own unique set of wheels, known as the Batmobile. So, it’s only natural that the Lego Batman, which came out in 2017, got his own Lego Batmobile too, right? Commissioned by Chevrolet, this 1:1 replica took nearly 344,000 bricks and,833 hours to complete. 


1) Bugatti Chiron



Right, enough about admiring the Lego car replicas from a distance. What if there was some way we could drive one too? This is what we assume the folks at Bugatti must’ve thought when they commissioned this build. Made out of a whopping 1 million bricks and taking 13,438 hours to build, this 1:1 replica even came with actual Lego motors to move! With a top speed of around 20kph, it is easily the most ambitious and complicated build on our list. 

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