Vernacularly speaking
Vernacularly speaking

There’s a new Hyundai Verna out. Well, almost new

The car in the photographs is the Hyundai Verna 4S, and before you ask, the four S’ stand for speed, safety, style and sophistication. It isn’t an all-new Verna, but the changes in it do make it a better car than its predecessor. To begin with, the exterior design has evolved into a more prominent look, with the car now looking bigger than before. At the rear, a neat touch is the concealment of the exhaust pipes – you can’t see them.



The cabin is more comfortable and has a whole series of safety and entertainment features, as tends to be the case with Hyundais. The rear seat has been modified a bit, and is now a better place to rest your behind.



You get a choice between 1.4 and 1.6-litre engines in both diesel and petrol, and although the petrols are extremely refined, the diesel engines continue to be the ones to opt for. The Verna has never been a road rocket, and this version plays a middle-of-the-road game – very competent at pretty much everything, without quite excelling at anything (except perhaps in the features department). The car’s handling, once fairly lairy, has thankfully been sorted out to the extent that it can now be called reasonably confident around corners; the steering wheel is a little dull, too, but will be fine for most users.



The car’s price will be announced on the 19th, and you can expect to pay between Rs 7.5 lakh to Rs 12.5 lakh, depending on the model you buy.
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