We’ll admit it. We hate Bigg Boss from the core of our hearts. It’s inane, it’s silly and it’s an absolute shame in terms of entertainment. 

And as much chaos they might create, you cannot fault the participants for participating. They get a lot of money, a lot of viewers and in some cases, certain contestants build huge fan clubs (think Gautam Gulati) as well. 

Out of the whole list of contestants who are participating this season, we are rooting for a Hina Khan victory. She has a whooping 1.1 mn followers thanks to her popularity as Akshara in Yeh Rishtaa Kya Kehlata Hai

She wore this for the launch of Bigg Boss, and totally rocked the look. Not an easy outfit to pull off with such grace. 

There’s something about those eyes. It seems that they’re saying a million things at once. 

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Thrs no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs✌️nothing worth having comes easy💪 @vikky2121

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She takes her fitness seriously, and that is something we can all be inspired by. It’s not just to get a body as hot as hers, but also to 

She can slay it in black too, like no one else. 

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It’s a sin to be this good-looking. 

That hand harness might be beautiful, but not more than you. 


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