With an ongoing pandemic, it’s a difficult time to go on dates and meet up new people but dating apps have come up with new ways of interactions. Dating apps have been soaring ever since the lockdowns and quarantine started.

Apptopia reports that OkCupid grew 21 per cent, and Bumble grew 16 per cent. Other huge apps such as Tinder and Hinge grew well too. The apps have also been coming up with new campaigns and initiatives to make interactions easier. Recently, Bumble has released two films ‘Take a Hint’ and ‘The First Move’ as a part of its integrated campaign aimed at empowering and supporting its community to navigate the new rules of dating.

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The dating app’s recent research found that one in two people are ready to go on a date in real life. However, 64 per cent of its users say that their dating life has drastically changed since the pandemic began in March. Whereas, 70 per cent of single Indians say that they are not comfortable navigating dating in 2020.

The campaign straight up encourages millennials and Gen Z in India to make the first move, a new rule of navigating the dating scenario in these trying times. Similarly, OkCupid recently launched its latest digital campaign titled ‘Love is…’ that reclaims love for Indian millennials. It shows how millennials can find love, which is similar to their individual personality,  values and aspirations. It tells us how sticking to your own individuality can lead to finding your other half.

Similarly, Tinder has shown us the way, Indian Genz generation has redefined the world of dating during the pandemic. Through their latest campaigns, they have managed to celebrate the youth who have managed to continue the essence of dating and not let the pandemic get to them.

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