Spider-Man: No Way Home took us down memory lane and in the best way possible. With the audience prepared to see Tom Holland take forward the Spider-Man legacy, seeing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man(s) in the film came as a pleasant surprise. The cherry on the top was when they recreated the viral ‘Spideys Pointing at Each Other Meme’ in a few scenes in the film.

Twitter was abuzz talking about the cast accidentally creating the viral meme, but you will be amazed to know that the scene was pretty much intentional. Holland, Maguire and Garfield sat down for an interview to talk about the film, and the newest member of the Spider-Man family then talked about the meme.


“It was so collaborative. It was so playful, from [Garfield] cracking Tobey’s back, to you coming up with the idea of pointing at us. It was all stuff we came up with on the day,” said Holland.

Garfield went on to talk about him keeping the cameo a secret and said, “I justified my unethical lying behaviour. I call it fibbing more than lying, but I kind of enjoyed it. It was quite fun, and it felt like that game Werewolf or Mafia, where, you know, you’re the werewolf and you have to convince everyone that you’re not.”

Maguire also opened up about slipping back into that web-adorned costume after almost two decades. “There’s so much affinity for this character. It means so much to so many people that once the goofiness of being in lycra or spandex goes away, you’re like, ‘Oh, wow. This is cool. This is that sort of responsibility, but [also] a blessing,’” he explained.


(Featured Image Credits: Twitter)