Michelle Obama is one of the most respected women on the planet. One of America’s most renowned First Ladies, Obama recently offered her advice to those who might want to consider dating in 2020.

“A man’s inclination to wait and to kind of go out there and search and get himself ready, I think is a good instinct that more young women should think about,” Obama said on The Michelle Obama Podcast, with guest Conan O’Brien.

“We’d have better marriages,” Obama added, “because if you’re looking at a team, the people you want to win with, then number one you want everybody on your team to be strong, right? You don’t want any weak links, you don’t want somebody that you can dominate, you don’t want somebody who’s kind of a loser. Also, if you’re on a team, you’ve got to be able to do everything, especially in basketball, it’s like, you would never pick somebody that says, ‘I only dribble. I don’t shoot, I don’t defend, I just dribble.'”

Michelle Obama continued: “You want LeBron [James]. You don’t want the guy, third row on the bench, who didn’t make the team, but we often don’t think about that.” She continued, “What you’re supposed to say, is, ‘I have married LeBron. My version of LeBron.'”