AD Singh’s tribute to Goa – with properties in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru – had us with just the shack-inspired interiors and laidback vibe. But if that’s not enough to transport you to the beach, the Goa-inspired cocktails certainly will. The mixologists seem to have had carte blanche here, for some of the experiments are crazy, to put it mildly. Take for instance the Bloody Marianna, which teams Goan chorizo infused vodka, tomato juice and palm vinegar in balchao, tamarind and rock salt, to create a thick, soup-like concoction that we’re pretty sure you won’t find on any other menu – it might not be to everyone’s taste, but hey, it’s a delightful spin on the Bloody Mary, and it definitely does the job. For the fainthearted, there are less adventurous experiments as well – the Fisherman’s Tonic injects kokum and curry leaves into your standard G+T, while A Sangria At Every Port gets its extra sweetness from port wine. If all else fails, knock back a Long Beach Iced Tea and gorge on their excellent bar snacks instead.

Bloody Marianna

Ginger Man