Me And My Body: Dhairya Karwa
Me And My Body: Dhairya Karwa

We ask Dhairya Karwa about his fitness regime, diet, idols and the absolute must equipments he needs at home

In a three-film journey so far, Dhairya Karwa has played diverse roles that have somehow also aligned with his fitness journey. The actor breaks down the connection and the work it takes to look that good.


Fitness routine for a week

It depends on what I am preparing for. If I am training and following a basic fitness routine, which is when I am not preparing for a part, then, I will do some light-weight training and cardio. For me, working out five days a week is necessary. If I am preparing for something intense, then it can go up to six days a week or double sessions in a day.

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Three must-have gym equipments


I would go with the resistance band because it comes in very handy, then a pair of dumbbells, and a pull-up bar.

One muscle he loves and hates working on

I go into the gym with the intention that I have to get done with it no matter what. So, for me, it is priority based. I do hate working on my hamstrings. It is so painful that it gets sore. But then, the entire process of transforming one’s body is painful.

Fitness myth he wants to bust

I really want people to know that having abs is not being fit. This is the biggest myth. Even people who are muscular are not fit. I think fitness and aesthetics are different. People mix the two all the time. A person who might be muscular could just be panting after a three-kilometre walk for all that you know, and that is not fitness.

A day in food

Currently, I am trying to build muscle, so breakfast starts with eggs, and some sweet potatoes and oats to go with it. Lunch consists of a whole lot of veggies, and some grains like quinoa or rice. A source of protein is necessary, so a piece of meat or tofu works. Post-workout, I have eggs and veggies like broccoli. Unless you have a personal chef who makes great dishes every time, be prepared to eat whatever your body needs.

If not the gym

Stretches and body weight exercises. I go for a run. I was in a boarding school, so I used to play sports a lot. I love cricket and basketball. I played basketball at the national level as well.

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Top three gym tracks


It’s more like a genre thing. I listen to a lot of Punjabi music. I am into Hip-Hop music as well. AP Dhillon and Sidhu Moose Wala tracks are my go-to gym songs, along with, of course, the Gehraiyaan OST.

His fitness idols

I love sports, so I really admire how fit sportsmen are. Roger Federer is not so bulky but he plays so gracefully, and he is best at what he does. I am a supporter of Rafael Nadal, though. He is so fit.

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