BTS has managed to break a huge record held by Katy Perry since 2010.

After sticking to the No. 1 spot for seven consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts with Butter, BTS replaced themselves with Permission to Dance. 

With Permission to Dance reigning supreme on the Hot 100 charts and Butter now taking over the No. 1 spot on the Songs of the Summer chart, according to Billboard, this is known as a double coronation, which is rarely achieved. The last singer to achieve this goal was Katy Perry back in 2010, with California Gurls.


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According to the reports, Katy Perry’s 2010 hit California Gurls was last crowned Songs of the Summer while her iconic hit Teenage Dream took over the Hot 100 chart.

In other news, BTS member Suga hopes to win a Grammy in 2022. Seeing the kind of response their songs are getting, Suga feels that in 2022, not only will they be nominated for a Grammy but will also win. Both, Butter and Permission To Dance, made it to Billboard Hot 100 list and scored the top position on the list.

Talking to the Korean evening news program News 8, BTS member Suga said, “I’d like for us to be nominated for a Grammy again. I want to receive the award.” The band members became the first artists to replace themselves at the top spot on Billboard Hot 100, as Butter fell down to No. 7 on the list.

Talking further about the response their work is getting, BTS member and spokesperson, RM said, “It feels like a dream. The times are what they are, but when we released ‘Butter,’ we never imagined that it would hold the No. 1 spot for seven straight weeks. After it hit seven weeks, we joked that it would be nice to get a ‘baton touch,’ but it’s an honour that it became true.”

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