In an interview with News 18 where Camila Cabello promotes her upcoming remake of Cinderella, the singer has claimed she has been planning to come to India for a long time along with boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

“It was Shawn and my friends Jay and Radhi Shetty who started the fund and we supported them. Because I love what their post said, ‘If you’ve ever been affected by India, in some way…’ I think there’s a lot of beautiful spirituality and practices that have come from India that we’ve learned about and resonate with. So, Shawn and I have been talking about going to India for a really long time. We would love to do that as soon as it’s safe in this Covid crazy world,” she said.

Back when India was in the throes of the second wave of the Covid-19 infections, many international celebrities had joined hands in efforts of support for the nation. Cabello was one of them.

“Hey guys! India is facing a devastating second wave of Covid-19. There have been 18 million cases reported and the healthcare system simply does not have enough resources to care for everybody. They need protective equipment, oxygen and medicine to save lives,” she had said to all her followers on Instagram, before urging them to donate and contribute whatever they can, assuring that whatever amount they will be donating will be incredibly helpful and will be matched.


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Rising from and leaving behind the girl band Fifth Harmony, Cabello has made herself one of the most popular solo pop singers with her singles like Havana and Senorita. The 24-year-old Cuban-born American singer is now making her acting debut with Cinderella, a modern take on the age-old fairy-tale by writer-director Kay Cannon.

“I really connected with Cinderella being a kind person but also not taking people’s s**t. Well, she does take her stepmother’s because she’s scared of her and also loves her. But when she first meets the prince, she says, ‘It’s wrong that women can’t own shops.’ She is afraid but at the same time, she’s brave enough to say, ‘This isn’t right. This is annoying. I’m angry at this. This doesn’t make me feel seen, and I’m not going to accept that. That can be really hard to do. And in a man’s world, like you said, especially at that time, she defends herself and stands up for herself,” said Camila Cabello in the aforementioned interview about identifying with her on-screen persona and her quest to make it in a man’s world.

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