One tweet from Kanye West and it becomes global news. That is the kind of popularity the singer holds. He is followed everywhere and even his smaller move is known to his fans. Amidst the reports of him changing his name from Kanye West to Ye, the singer was spotted wearing a creepy mask in a cab ride from JFK. While he wore the hideous mask to avoid the paparazzi, it became the talk of the town as usual.

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Ye is however not the first celebrity to avoid paparazzi in this odd yet creative manner. From Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber, celebrities have used hilarious ways to let the shutterbugs know that they don’t want to be snapped. Let’s check out 5 of the most creative ways stars have gotten out of getting themselves clicked.

Taylor Swift

Just like her songs, her exits from places is stunning. Everyone wants to take a snap of her wherever she steps out. Quite annoyed by this, she has used quite some creative ways to hide from the limelight. This includes walking backwards to the venue, hiding her face with an umbrella completely, and more.

Jaden Smith

No, the paps did not spot a real-life Iron man, it was just Smith avoiding the camera. The singer dressed as the iconic Marvel character to keep himself away from the shutterbugs.

8 Celebrities Hiding From Paparazzi

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

This will go as the most creative way to avoid paps in the history of doing it. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone wrote notes and hid their faces from it.”Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let’s try this again. We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do,” read Stones note, while Garfield’s note said, “, (and don’t forget), Here’s to the stuff that matters. Have a great day!”

Justin Bieber

Mask is one way to hide from the paps, but only Justin Bieber could sport a mask like that in V for Vendetta. He started quite a trend for the mask honestly too after this.

Justin Bieber Gives Us (And His Fans) A Fright In A 'V For Vendetta' Mask (PICTURES) | HuffPost UK

Leonardo Di Caprio

Is it a man with a jacket on his face, is it a man with an umbrella hiding his face, is it a paper bag, is it a hoodie; hilariously it is none other than Leonardo Di Caprio. I guess he won the game as his act of hiding from the paps is simply creative.

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