Keanu Reeves, on many occasions, has managed to win the audience’s heart. Be it films, his interviews or philanthropy work, the Matrix actor has always made sure that he is doing his best. Everyone already has enough reasons to love the man, but we might just have another reason to add to this long list.

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As per New York Post, Reeves donated 70% of his earnings, said to be $31.5 million, from the first Matrix film towards cancer research. He did that because his own family member was a cancer patient. The actor was extremely close to his sister Kim, who was diagnosed with leukaemia, a type of blood cancer, in 199. The actor used to spend a lot of time with her during the shoot of the first film, and her health was the only reason why the other films in the franchise were delayed. He decided to dedicate all his time to Kim and not think about work.

Reeves’ sister entered remission in 2011 so the actor also sold his property to be able to live closer to her and take care of her. Keanu reeves also set up a cancer foundation and did not even associate his name with the charity. That’s not it, he also auctioned off a Zoom date with himself last year and donated the money to a summer program for children battling cancer in Idaho.

Talking about The Matrix Resurrections, Reeves returned to play Neo after a gap of 18 years. The film, which also stars Priyanka Chopra, released in December 2021, and got a mixed review from fans. The film did not do very great at the box office as well.

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