John Cena, who made his comeback to the WWE ring over the weekend, is now wanting to to get one of his old rivals in the ring as well. The actor and WWE star was present at the screening of his new movie, Vacation Friends in New York, where he expressed his desire of getting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson back into the ring.

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“He’s earned the right not to be pressured into that choice. I can say he is a fan of the WWE. He is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. So as a fan do, I want to see one of the greatest performers of all time step back in the WWE ring?

Yeah. But in no way am I gonna call him and if I’m gonna talk to him about something, it’s not gonna try to be to get him back in the WWE ring. He needs to come to that conclusion by himself. Because then, his performance will be, The Rock, he’ll be the best he can be. So I do hope he comes back, as a fan, and I hope it’s wonderful, and if he chooses not to, he’s earned the right to choose not to,” Cena told Entertainment Tonight.

John Cena went on to talk about his role in Vacation Friends and added, “Most of the budget went to my hair, because they had to make more of it. Clay wanted me to look like, just like something shot out of a cannon. And he asked me if I would grow my hair out.

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He asked me if I would grow a little stubble, which actually took me 6 months and I still couldn’t grow anything. But I really liked it. It actually helped me be kind of easy and fancy free, and present in the moment. And it was fun to have messed up hair all the time.” Vacation Friends hits Hulu on August 27 and hence won’t be available for his Indian fans to watch the film.