Ryan Reynolds is loved for his quirky nature. Be it is his movies or his online banter with wife, Blake Lively, and his friends, Reynolds always has something hilarious to say. Recently while addressing his Indian fans, the actor talked about his upcoming release, Free Guy, and said that Hollywood copies Bollywood to a great extend. This statement has his Indian fans beaming with joy.

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The viral video that was shared on YouTube begins with Reynolds talking about his film. “My movie Free Guy has got a guy named Guy who is quite the Romeo, and a girl who is out of his league,” he said, with glimpses of him and Jodie Comer from the movie playing on the screen.

Introducing Taika Waititi as the villain, a flying car, buildings collapsing and a few characters dancing in the middle of the road, he continued, “A crazy villain, some insane action and, of course, dancing.” He then went on to add, “If you’re wondering whether Hollywood is just mimicking Bollywood…Well, the answer is yes. We have no shame, no shame at all.”

Well, Ryan Reynolds has quite some fascination for everything Indian. Back in 2019, he had told HT, “Oh my god. I do love Indian culture and films. I think there is no greater contribution to cinema than from India. When I was a kid I got to see a couple of (movies) from India. I would love to visit India and meet my fans.”

Talking about his film, Free Guy is set to release in India on September 17. The movie tells a story about a bank teller, played by Reynolds, who realises he’s just a supporting character in a video game. When he learns that the world is shutting down, he decides to become the hero and save the world from collapsing.

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