Seth Rogen may have been juggling between being a producer, director, and scriptwriter, but his fans love to see him on screen, playing the coolest characters in a story. The actor, who was last seen in movies like An American Pickle and The Disaster Artist, has now bagged an exciting role in Steven Spielberg’s next feature film. The untitled film is said to be roughly based on Spielberg’s childhood growing up in Arizona. 

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Sources informed Deadline that Rogen will essay the role of the favourite uncle of young Spielberg. Oscar nominated actor, Michelle Williams has already been roped in to play a role inspired by Spielberg’s mother in the film. Given how personal the story is, this untitled film will also mark the first time since 2001’s A.I. that Spielberg will actively participate in screenwriting duties as well. 

Reports in Deadline suggest that Spielberg will be co-writing the script with Tony Kushner, who has worked with the film-maker on several movies in the past. The cast will start shooting for the film this summer in Phoenix, Arizona. The film is reportedly expected to be released in 2022. Spielberg, Kushner, along with Kristie Macosko Krieger, will be backing the film as producers as well. The casting process for any Spielberg film has always been super secretive, and this has led to everyone discussing who would land the other coveted roles of the family and friends, which encouraged the filmmaker during his younger days, in the film. 

As for Rogen, he is one of the busiest actors in the industry currently. He has expanded his expertise to now becoming an entrepreneur. The actor, along with his Point Grey partner, Evan Goldberg, has launched a cannabis and housewares company in the U.S. called Houseplant. Apart from this, he also starred and produced Long Shot and is all set to publish his first book, Yearbook, a collection of short stories on May 11.

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