Actress Kiara Advani recently named three things she finds better than sex, when asked during a promotional video leading up to her new film’s release, all while balancing a hula hoop.

The video was posted by Tweak India, where Advani was put through an intense rapid fire round. The challenge was to multi-task like a pro, so she was made to balance a hula hoop while answering all the questions. The actor was asked to list the three things she finds better than great sex. Her picks were: “Amazing pizza, shopping, and a good movie.”

We have to say, we completely agree with Kiara Advani.



The actress also shared a near-death experience she went through when she was younger. She said, “It was on a college trip. We were in McLeod Ganj and stranded over there because of the snow. Long story short, basically, our room caught fire.” Kiara added that one of her friends noticed the fire and raised the alarm and that it had probably been about an hour since the fire had started. She added, “When we woke up, our faces were covered in black soot. It was very, very disturbing.”



Kiara Advani will soon be seen alongside Akshay Kumar in Laxmii, which is slated for release on Disney+ Hotstar on November 9.