Ma Anand Sheela, the spokesperson and alleged lover of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), is finally revealing all her secrets. Ever since Wild Wild Country premiered online, people were very much interested to know what she was up to, and they will finally get the answers to it with the new Netflix documentary Searching for Sheela. Sheela recently conversed with Film Companion and revealed what the Netflix documentary will be all about.

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Ma Anand Sheela was asked if the documentary will be a potential audience experience. She replied by saying, “What you can expect from me? You can’t expect anything from me. I will be only me. So if you are expecting me to be something else, you have lost.”

Talking about the shoot, Sheela opened up about how the team followed her everywhere. “The team has been with me for more than 25 days. I never say no so they have been tagging along everywhere I go. I arrived in Delhi and since my arrival, the cameras have been following me. We did a few events there, one with Karan Johar, we went to the literature festival in Dehradun, did an event with Barkha Dutt, went to Poona, did a closed-door event there, came to Bombay, then went back to Delhi, then went to Baroda, back to Delhi, then Bombay again,” said Sheela.

Executive producer, Shakun Batra revealed that Searching for Sheela was not made because Wild Wild Country was a runaway hit. “You’re exploring society, you’re exploring her (Ma Anand Sheela) as a pop-culture phenomenon, and then the layers get deeper and more interesting and that’s why this homecoming project is important. It’s not, ‘Oh let’s get further because Wild Wild Country was a hit.’ No, let’s see who we are as much as we want to know who she is,” said Shakun Batra.