Ma Anand Sheela is a woman surrounded by controversies, and she wears this badge proudly. Many have tried to unravel the mystery that her life has been and bring it on screen, but only Ma Anand Sheela could do it with her documentary that recently released on Netflix. While the documentary, Searching for Sheela, was a disappointment for many, filmmakers became even more eager to tell her story.

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Rumours have it that there are two biopics in the making. While once would possibly star Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the other film is said to star Alia Bhatt in the lead role. fascinated by the idea of her biopics being made, Ma Anand Sheela has shared a piece of quirky advice for everyone who is trying to make a film about her life.

Talking to journalist Puja Talwar, Osho’s former assistant said, “Well, I sometimes chuckle. Sometimes they will have to do deep searching into my character. They have to move a little bit away from scandal. And I don’t know if they can. And if they don’t, I take it as an impression of me they are doing.”


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Talking about the biopics in the making, Shakun Batra, who co-produced the Netflix documentary, is said to be working with Bhatt on the biopic. A few months ago, Ma Anand Sheela had even sent a legal notice to Chopra Jonas for trying to bring her life on the big screen without her consent. She told Hindustan Times, “I told her I do not give her permission to do the film because I have not chosen her… In Switzerland, we send legal notices very simply. I sent her an email which is accepted there as legal.”

“I saw bits of a film that my sister was watching, and I thought, I looked like her when I was young. I asked my sister, ‘Did I look like her when I was young? Do you remember’? And she said, ‘Yes, you do’. I feel she has the spunk in her that I had. Spunk is very necessary and it is very natural, it is not artificial, not cosmetic, it is genuine,” she said, adding that if at all a biopic is being made, she would prefer Chopra Jonas to essay the role.

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