There’s no doubt that the BTS members have always been close to each other and share an inseparable bond. Recently, the boys teamed up with PD Na Young Suk in an episode of Run BTS!

In the episode, Jimin was asked, “Jimin, you didn’t get to see the members yesterday, right? What did you do?” To which Suga replied saying that Jimin was actually with them. Suga’s reply left Na Young Suk in shock and he started laughing and asked the members if they always hang out together? Jin said that he believes they are together 360 days out of 365.

Jimin also shared that the members are always with him and that he’s not good at doing things independently. Na Young Suk said that the BTS members are “like an old married couple” and the South Korean group could not agree more.

The group has a perfect understanding of one another to a point that they also know each other’s habits. During the conversation, BTS was asked who is good at drinking to which Jin said “none”. The members also shared that when they drink, they don’t force anyone to drink.

Watch their conversation below.

Recently, McDonald’s announced their new meal that will be inspired by BTS. The BTS Meal will be available in 40 countries across the world, starting with their first release in the United States. In India, the BTS Meal would be available in Delhi on June 1, and also in Mumbai on June 4 respectively. The meal includes 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, medium coke, and for the first time, two dips of Sweet Chilli and Cajun, which would be sold outside South Korea also for the first time.

BTS Army is eagerly waiting for the new meal to hit their home country. They made a lot of memes and jokes about the meal, wondering if, after their launch, McDonald’s would run out of stock due to the demand and fan following of the BTS band.


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The burger giant has seen a fall in its revenue outside the United States due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. With people restricting themselves to their homes, McDonald’s is trying everything out to attract more customers to their outlets. The BTS meal follows the similar US only deals with singers like J Balvin and Travis Scott, both of which, McDonald’s says, boosted sales in their latter half of the year.

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