Cardi B revealed that WAP music video approximately cost $1 million.

The rapper took to Twitter to reveal the cost of some of her music videos. “Naaaa honey ….Money cost 400K ,Please me Cost 900K , Wap Cost ($1,000,000),” Cardi B responded to a fan.

The rapper also revealed the cost of her Bodak Yellow music video. The debut single’s music video cost $15000, she mentioned it in a tweet to a fan.

Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion recently revealed she and Cardi were terrified of shooting with the reptiles. “OK, so what’s crazy is neither one of us had been around snakes before… I was like, ‘Friend, I don’t know if I can lay in snakes’,” Megan told The Jonathan Ross Show in December. “But Cardi B asked me to lay in some snakes, I’ve got to lay in the snakes for my girl. I made friends with one who was on me the whole time. Cardi was so scared,” the Savage hitmaker recalled.

Cardi B also gave details on how other fan-favourite music videos were created and how her husband Offset made her accidentally go over-budget.

“I think like 15K,” Cardi said when asked about their 2017 collaboration, Lick.”Offset had a 40K wardrobe fee for videos so I had to pay it out my pocket cause I didn’t wanna look like a small artist with a tiny ass music video budget …..I told him like a year later.”

“We shot the video at a casino in a Holiday Inn in Jersey and I was embarrassed cause it looks so low budget,” she continued when talking about her collaboration with then-crush Offset. “Set was about to pull up and I barely knew him so I was so shy and when he kissed me on camera my heart sank.”

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