A recipient of 20 Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, an Academy Award, a Tony Award, and Presidential Medal of Freedom, New Jersey-born musician Bruce Springsteen is no less than an icon. He was won the hearts of millions and many generations of musicians have grown up with his music. One of Springsteen’s biggest fans is singer-actor Nick Jonas, who recently revealed that he dreams of playing The Boss — as Springsteen is known to fans — in a film based on the latter’s life someday.

“Growing up in New Jersey, Bruce obviously has a special place in my heart and my creative life, and it is a dream of mine… to play him in a movie one day and tell his story in some way that would be honouring to him and that he could be involved with,” Jonas said during an interview with Apple Music, as reported by E! Online.

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Jonas, like Springsteen, comes from New Jersey, and he says the latter has always been a role model.

“(I) could only hope to have a career as lengthy as his and as important as his has been to people. And that was the thing that really stood out to me after going to a show is just, he’s been a champion for his fans his entire career, and you see it at the shows. It’s about them. Every moment’s about them, them having the best experience, best night of their week, their life, their year, whatever,” he said.

Meanwhile, soon after the release of Nick’s solo album titled Spaceman, wife Priyanka posted a string of pictures on Instagram. One image had Nick shaking hands with an astronaut figurine while another features a photograph of the actress posing with a spaceman mannequin.

“Congratulations Nick.. I know how personal this one is to you and I’m so grateful for how you constantly show me your love. This album is a piece of art. And most of all…A BANGER! I love you. Check it out world. #Spaceman,” Priyanka wrote as the caption.


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