Yesterday the makers of Brahmastra launched the full version of the song, Kesariya, which has been on fans’ radar since the day they got a glimpse of it in the trailer. From cover videos to reels, social media has been flooded with different iterations of the tune and now that the full song is out, there’s understandably a lot of revelry around it. While many are happy to witness Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s on-screen chemistry for the first time, some others have got hung up on the use of the words ‘Love Storiyaan’ in it.   

In the middle of being subsumed in Arijit Singh’s soothing voice, suddenly, these two words pop up, jolting you out of the trance. The lyrics goes, “Kajal ki siyahi se likhi hain tune jaane kitno ki love storiyaan,” to which many listeners have reacted strongly, calling it cringe. No surprises for guessing what happened next — a meme fest, of course.   

Composed by Pritam and penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya in Hindi, the song has also been released in Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil and dubbed Kesariya Rangu, Theerthiriyaali and Kumkumala, respectively. Singer Sid Sriram has lent his voice to these tunes, and they have garnered a positive response so far, given that these versions are sans the words ‘Love Storiyaan’.  

Funnily, some fans are conjecturing which words could be used in its stead, with netizens collectively attempting to make the song ‘better.’ 

A few days ago Ayan Mukherji released a video explaining what Astraverse is, explaining the phenomenon in detail. The film is slated for 9 September release in five languages. This would be the newly married Kapoor and Bhatt’s first movie together.  

(Featured Image Credits: Kattar Kapoor/ Twitter)