Sex Education actor Ncuti Gatwa has revealed some special details about the upcoming season of the series.

The Netflix series, in which he plays fan-favourite character Eric Effiong, is known for its diverse cast and storylines, and Gatwa has revealed the scenes where Eric’s culture was celebrated were among his favourite moments.

“I can’t talk about it too much,” Nucti said, peaking to Digital Spy and other press ahead of the BAFTA TV Awards. “This season, Eric returns back to his culture a lot more and I think those scenes were very special, just having a set where the majority of people were Black.

“And it was really great and really powerful, and represented Eric’s culture and his family. Those are always quite profound moments.” He admitted that it “feels good” that he gets to play a character that doesn’t usually get represented on such a big show.


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“Season one, there’s a scene where he goes to prom in a full African outfit and a Gele, a Nigerian headdress, and I was like, ‘Wow, I’m on a Netflix set, a big set, representing a culture that doesn’t normally get represented, representing a character that doesn’t normally get represented. This feels good. So any time he returns back to his culture, or is with Otis (Asa Butterfield), those are the favourite scenes of mine.”

According to media reports, Sex Education season 3 is set to return in October with total eight episodes. Asa Butterfield, who plays the character Otis Milburn, revealed fans could expect a time jump, after the Season 2 cliff-hanger.He said, “Otis is back at school, but he’s got different things on his plate. He’s grown up a bit and become slightly more sassy. It’s been fun to portray his newfound charisma. Don’t worry, though he’s still tragically awkward too.” The Netflix show follows the lives of students, who set up a sex therapy business at school, to solve the problems of sexually needy customers.

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