Spotify has launched an exclusive Money Heist destination in collaboration with Netflix to celebrate the final season of the series.

Available to all Spotify users on mobile in India, listeners can enjoy exclusive video content from the cast themselves, the official playlist featuring the show’s soundtracks, and the Part 5 Volume 1 trailer.

Beyond the destination, Spotify users can’t seem to get enough of the Netflix series, with more than 64,000 user-generated playlists created globally on Spotify related to La Casa De Papel, Money Heist or Úrsula Corberó. India took the top spot for streaming these user-generated playlists, followed by the U.S., Germany, Brazil, and France. Netflix also has an official Spotify playlist for the show, and even for that, India is ahead of all other countries when it comes to streaming this playlist. The US, Brazil, France, and the Czech Republic are the other countries in the top 5 that stream this playlist.

Some of the top songs included on the user-generated playlists globally include:

One of the most popular tracks from the series in April 2018, Bella Ciao by Manu Pilas has been streamed more than 126 million times globally. The Money Heist destination is a collaboration between Spotify and Netflix to bring users the content they love, making it easier than ever to listen to the top tracks from the series.

Check out the destination on Spotify, here. 

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