There’s no way to start a new month without adding a list of shows and films to binge watch for those weekend night ins. Being an anime fan is difficult since there’s very little support from anime studios here. Thankfully, Netflix and other streaming devices have built up a decent library for anime fans. If you’re new to Netflix or anime, we have a perfect list of recommendations for you.


Death Note


This list would be incomplete without Death Note. A high school student comes into the possession of a notebook, which has the power to mystically kill anybody whose name is written in it. The entertaining serial killer story which brings out twists and mental battles between the two main characters is extremely interesting to watch.




Orange tells us a story about a girl named Naho, who receives a few letters from herself ten years in the future. Initially, she ignores them but then starts believing in them when certain occasions come true. It is a touching story that will definitely pull at your heartstrings. 


One Punch Man


The most powerful superhero in the world can kill anyone with one blow. But nothing can challenge him, so he constantly struggles with ennui and depression.


Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma 


The story follows a story of a young chef who enters a prestigious culinary academy where he must emerge victorious in difficult cooking battles or face expulsion.


Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure


Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is one of the best on-going anime shows. Joestar family’s multiple generations all with the same nickname confront supernatural villains through a series of time periods.