Gautam Adani

Forget Car Garages — Here’s A Look At Gautam Adani’s Ridiculous $50M Private Jet Hangar!

Having become the world’s third-richest man this week, Gautam Adani may want to expand his impressive collection of private jets to rival Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

Gautam Adani was already Asia’s richest man and now he is also the world’s third richest person, overtaking LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault and becoming the first Asian person to take that spot, according to Bloomberg and its Billionaires index.

With stakes in everything from power to ports, the uber-wealthy oligarch currently sits atop a massive pile of wealth, totalling a whopping $137 billion as of today.

Where does the businessman spend all of this? Apart from multiple properties and holdings in various companies, one of Adani’s favourite spends is his personal transport — although we’re not talking cars here, as we do with most rich and famous folk.

While he does own a Ferrari, a Rolls-Royce, and a seemingly never-ending fleet of BMW 7 Series sedans, Adani’s wealth allows him to maintain, upgrade, and invest in a personal fleet of private jets.

Here’s a closer look at his 3-jet hangar, as of September 2022:

3. Hawker Beechcraft 850XP

Adani Hawker Beechcraft 850XP

Price: Appx. $13.7 Million

Developed in the UK, the Hawker Beechcraft 850XP was the first business jet in its sector to offer Beechcraft’s proprietary winglets — offering Adani’s pilots increased capabilities in hot environments. It has the highest passenger capacity of Adani’s jets at 15 passengers, and offers stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, breathable seats, and can reach a maximum altitude of 39,000 feet.

2. Bombardier Challenger 605

Adani Bombardier Challenger 605

Price: Appx. $14.5 Million

According to the Economic Times, Adani’s likely-first jet was purchased back in 2009. With a large cabin area capable of seating 12 passengers in comfort, the Challenger 605 can fly long-range at up to 870 km/hr, and offers a full-service gallery to prepare meals and service Adani’s guests.

1. Embraer Legacy 650

Adani Embraer Legacy 650

With three-zoned cabins, a 14-passenger capacity, a top speed of 850 km/h and plenty of creature comforts, Adani’s most-expensive jet also boasts his collection’s highest peak altitude at 41,000 feet, powered by a pair of 9,020 pound-force Rolls-Royce engines. Compared to older models, these represent a top-class range upgrade of nearly 1000 kilometres — allowing Adani to fly halfway across the world with ease.

It isn’t just private jets either. Adani’s hangar is also home to the AgustaWestland AW139 — an Italian multi-purpose helicopter fitted to seat up to 15 passengers in luxury and take them across the country at a blazing 310 km/h.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? Despite Adani’s newfound position within the world’s top three wealthiest people, his jet collection still doesn’t hold a candle to his rivals Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos — both of whom happen to own the Gulfstream G650ER, a state-of-the-art machine worth a mind-boggling $70 million, topping off Adani’s entire collection with just one aircraft.

Will Adani celebrate his new position as the world’s third-wealthiest person by joining this elite club of owners? We’ll have to wait and see.

Lead Image: @GautamAdani/Twitter