5 Advantages Of Having An Online Fitness Trainer

The road to having a dream body isn’t just about hardwork, it requires knowledge and proper guidance too.


Fitness and bodybuilding has received a huge boost in the last two decades, thanks to a lot of Hollywood and Bollywood stars sporting ripped bodies and six-pack abs. But the road to having a dream body isn’t just about hardwork, it requires knowledge and proper guidance too. This is where online fitness trainers can be your ally in helping you achieve your goals.


Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having one.




“Online training is cheaper in comparison to the personal training and this allows people to hire the top notch coaches as their online fitness trainer,” says Rachit Dua, a certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist.


You can workout at your own time


If you have a busy schedule that keeps fluctuating, co-ordinating with a personal trainer can be a nightmare. “The best part of online coaching is that you get access to your trainer 24×7,” says Dua. You can send updates about how your workout went in the middle of the night and the online trainer won’t mind, and reply as soon as he finds some time.                                 Rachit Dua, a certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist


You can achieve niche fitness goals


While most gyms in your locality will offer simple bodybuilding programs, online training can help you take lessons on niche fitness goals like long distance marathon running. It’s difficult to afford specialist coaches, so online training comes to the rescue.


You can ask your queries freely


Online training is great for people who are shy and struggle to open up completely. “Since, most people hesitate to ask questions publicly, online training  gives you a personal space to ask queries without hampering your self-confidence,“  says Dua.


You can be sure about his qualification


A lot of gyms hire trainers who don’t have the requisite qualification, and their fitness advice sometimes ends up doing more harm than good. On the other hand, online fitness trainers are more reliable if you do the research. “Always hire a certified and experienced online trainer. Look into his website, LinkedIn or the Facebook profile,” advises Dua.

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