How Varun Dhawan Stays In Shape
How Varun Dhawan Stays In Shape

We take a look at how Varun Dhawan maintains his ripped physique

We take a look at how its lead hero Varun Dhawan maintains his ripped physique. You can take a few pointers yourself, as few things make you as attractive to the opposite sex as a fit body.


Varun Dhawan’s Diet

Like they say, abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. And Varun believes in that too and has a diet that ticks all the right boxes of wholesome nutrition. “I like to eat healthy, so I usually start my day with eggs and oats. I always include a lot of chicken and fruits in my diet. I basically follow a high-protein diet and am disciplined when it comes to eating. My protein shake is equally important, especially post my workout and I always adhere to the concept of moderation,” Varun said in an interview with India Today.

Varun Dhawan’s Workout

Along with his trainer Prashant Sawant, Varun works very hard to sculpt his body for the screen. He does a range of exercises from conventional weight training to Pilates (Namrata Purohit trains him in this area) to TRX, coupled with cardio and playing sports.



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In an interview with BollywoodHungama, Varun Dhawan said, “I workout every day no matter how tired you are. I also try and get a good massage, a sports massage. Because, it’s very important for the mind to be healthy if you have to function. If your mind is messed up, it shows on your full body. Keep your mind cool, and let the heat show in your workout.”

We hope Varun stays fit for the years to come, and keeps flaunting his abs. 

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