Five Crucial Tips To Keep In Mind While Strength Training
Five Crucial Tips To Keep In Mind While Strength Training

Educate yourself before getting into something like strength training

If you’re a beginner and are looking to incorporate some strength training in your workout routine, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind before doing so.


Here are five crucial tips you need to keep in mind while getting into strength training:




Follow The Same Pattern For A While


You don’t need to switch up your workout routine every few months. What you should be doing is following the same routine but keep adding more weights to your workout. This will help you get stronger. 




Make Sure You Work Out Every Part Of Your Body


You need to make sure to focus on your body as a whole and not as individual aspects. You need to work every muscle group, including your legs, hips, abs, chest, back and shoulders. 




Start Off With 2 Days A Week


Always start with two days a week, and then upgrade yourself to doing strength training three days a week. Strength training is intense and cumbersome, so you need to give your body time to adjust to the amount of intense amount of workout it is being put through. 




Take A Break Once A While


We don’t mean water breaks, but actual 48 hours to 72-hour breaks. Strength training can cause your muscles to tear so give them time to heal and prevent yourself from ending up in a lot of pain. Rest days are extremely important as you cause microscopic tears in your muscles while strength training so that the new leaner muscle can come in. 




Stretch It Out


Once you’re done with your rigorous strength training, you should try and stretch out your muscles. Some light stretching can help relax your freshly worked out muscles. It goes without saying that stretching before the workout is cardinal, but some stretching after the workout will also help. Holding stretches that last for about 20-30 seconds should do the job. 

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