June 21 is celebrated as International Yoga Day. Yoga plays a significant role in physical and mental relaxation as well as in developing strength. Especially in these trying times of a global pandemic, yoga is the ultimate need of the moment. It is also effective to relieve stress and anxiety problems.

The ancient practice is believed to be originated in India thousands of years ago and also finds mention in ancient mythological books like the Rig Veda. Practising asanas helps to calm your mind and regulates the purification of the organs.

According to the UN website, the theme for International Yoga Day 2021 is ‘Yoga for well-being’. It emphasises how the practice of Yoga can promote the holistic health of every individual. With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating psychological suffering and mental health problems, many people have been embracing Yoga to stay healthy and to fight isolation and depression.

As per the website, the message of Yoga in promoting both the physical and mental well-being of humanity has never been more relevant. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also asked its member states to practice Yoga and has included it in its Global Action Plan for physical activity 2018-30.

To celebrate International Yoga Day, there’s a theme song for it.

This morning, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan, after the Prime Minister’s address to the nation, said: “Relevance of Yoga has increased during COVID-19. Yoga has helped us to maintain our physical and mental health. We should make Yoga or other physical activities a part of our daily life. These will help us to increase our immunity against coronavirus.”, as reported by India Today. 

Comments“I assure you, include yoga in your daily routine, it will increase your body’s urgency and inner strength, it will also give you more strength in the fight against Covid,” he added.

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