Actors Who Were Rejected For The Twilight Saga Movies
7 Famous Hollywood Celebrities Who Once Auditioned For ‘The Twilight Saga’   

Actors have opened up every now and then about their rejection in the cult series

A film can break or make a career. And that is what the Twilight Saga did to the careers of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They became a household name overnight, and their fan following skyrocketed. That said, there’s no denying that casting is a crucial process in moviemaking, and the makers of this cult series took their time to select and reject stars using utmost discretion. There were a lot of popular names who auditioned for several roles in the movie but didn’t make the cut. Here’s a list that will blow your mind!


Taylor Swift 

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The singer-actress wanted to do a role in the New Moon film, but director Chris Weitz rejected her. In a podcast, he reasoned that Swift was a way bigger star than the others who’d been roped in. And, having Swift would shift the focus away from everyone else but her. While Swift certainly missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime, Weitz continues to believe that he did the right thing for the saga.  


Dave Franco  

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In an old interview, Franco revealed that he had screen tested for the role of Cullen. He further added that he read for the director as well but things didn’t pan out as expected. “At this point, I still don’t know what I’m doing. At that point, I was in over my head,” he opined.


Jennifer Lawrence  

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The actress had auditioned for the role of Bella Swan, which was eventually played by Kristin Stewart. In 2018, Lawrence stated that she didn’t know much about the role back then, and had just given the audition for the sake of it, only to realize what slipped from her hands!


Lilly Collins  

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The Emily in Paris actress Lilly Collins could have been Bella as well, but the plan didn’t materialize. In an interview, Collins stated that she was a young actress back then, and wasn’t really prepared for the role.


Ben Barnes  

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Barnes rose to fame by playing the lead role in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. He was then approached for the role of Edward Cullen. “They didn’t want to mix Narnia and Twilight. I think it’s dangerous to mix characters from franchises while you’re doing one. So [director Catherine Hardwicke] definitely didn’t want Prince Caspian being Edward Cullen. … And secondly, I’d still be shooting at age 30, playing 17, and nobody wants to see that,” he once stated in an old interview.


Lucy Hale  

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The Pretty Little Liars actress lost the opportunity not once but twice to be a part of the franchise. Speaking of which, she said, in an interview, “I auditioned for [the role of] Alice. I read the books, and I wanted to be part of the first movie so bad.” Hale reportedly auditioned for Jane’s role in New Moon as well, but the opportunity was offered to Dakota Fanning.  


Channing Tatum  

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Tatum is a versatile actor, and he has proven his mettle time and again through his works in Hail, Caesar! And Logan Lucky. He was the first choice for the role of Riley in the film Eclipse, as the makers of the movie expected him to do complete justice to the character. However, Xavier Samuel ended up bagging the role.


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