The best Indian And Pakistani Songs In Ms Marvel
How ‘Ms Marvel’s Nod To South-Asian Music Struck The Right Chord With Desis 

The show had the perfect mix of popular and underrated South Asian music.

A brown Muslim girl going on an action-packed adventure to discover her roots in India and Pakistan seemed too good to be true for a Marvel web series. The world was waiting to see how Ms Marvel would pan out and will the representation be mere tokenism or something more realistic. While the representation bit is still open for discussion, what also won the hearts of fans was the desi flavour packed throughout the series, especially with the soundtrack. Kudos to the team for getting their research right because they came up with the perfect mix of the most celebrated and underrated artists from the region. Here are our favourite tracks: 


Pasoori by Ali Sethi

Hearing Pasoori in the series felt like a dream until I pinched myself to the realisation that it was actually playing. This track by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill has taken not only the sub-continent by storm but has also made it to international charts. And when it started playing as Kamala entered a club with her cousins, I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear.  


Jalebi Baby by Tesher

Countless reels have been made on this chartbuster by Tesher. You can’t help but move when this song comes on. No wonder, it plays at a party Kamala goes to with her school friends. That is where she meets Kamran for the first time and later cops bust the party.  


Ko Ko Koreena by Ahmed Rushdi

This old-school number from the movie Armaan was a massive pop hit in Pakistan. The timing of the song is also spot on as it comes on when the mother-daughter duo of Muneeba and Kamala are out for Amir’s wedding shopping. It adds a sense of urgency while they race around the town.  


Tere Bina by AR Rahman

Indian music without Rahman’s mention is incomplete. Right from peppy songs to the most heart-warming ones, he has created them all. Now song of Rahaman which was used in the series was ‘Tere Bina’ from the movie Guru. This comes in when Kamala’s brother Amir gets married and everyone is enjoying the process of it.  


Sage and Thandi Hawa by Ritviz

Any Indian playlist would be incomplete without Ritviz’s songs in it. And Sage and Thandi Hawa are two of the artist’s most popular tracks that are fan favourites in India. When Kamala sees Kamran waiting in the parking in front of his car, this song sets the mood perfectly while Thandi Hawa plays for a little while at Amir’s wedding.  


Oh Nanba by SP Balasubrahmanyam and Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam

A Rajinikanth song in Ms Marvel was like charry on the cake. This song from the 2014 film Lingaa plays right at the start of the series. Composed by A R Rahman, this song was the perfect way to start the series which promised so much desi representation.  


Deal With It by Riz Ahmed

If you follow indie music, you’d know how big a deal Riz Ahmed is. The song Deal With It is from Ahmed’s album The Long Goodbye. It plays when Kamala walks through her school’s hall while getting bullied by the kids and seeming to not exist for them at all.  


Featured Image Credits: Aman Bhatia/ Twitter 

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