A ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Movie? We Cannot Keep Calm As Dan Levy Hints At This Possibility

A Rose family reunion? We cannot wait for it

Schitt’s Creek may just be the most iconic show we’ve seen in recent times. Not only did the show give us the best representation of the LGBTQA+ community, but it also introduced us to an iconic family—The Roses—who left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The show ended after a successful six-season run, with the cast saying their final goodbye to their characters in 2020. But that wasn’t a final goodbye as the family is all set to reunite with fans soon. 


Fans are still quoting Alexis, Moira and David; and seeing the love the show is still receiving, Dan Levy (the creator of the show), has suggested that the cast will soon return with a movie. He told People, “My hope is that one day we can all get together. I see these people all the time. We’re in constant contact with each other. So the love is there. The desire to work together is there, and the desire to tell more stories is there.”


He went on to add, “I think it just comes down to making sure that it’s the right story to tell. And I think we’re also proud of the work we did on Schitt’s. And when you end on such a high, it really forces you to think very carefully about what the next step is. Because whatever that is, is an extension of something that most people don’t have, don’t get to see in their life. And I really respect the audience in that thing.”


Hinting that they are considering moving the franchise ahead, Levy added, “I think when you have an audience that’s paid attention to you for 80 episodes of a television show, the last thing you want is to put something out that makes them think this feels like a cash grab,” Levy says. “And that’s not what we’re about. So TBD, but a TBD with an exclamation mark on the end.”


Levy created the show with his father Eugene Levy, who played Johnny Rose. Moira Rose was played by Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy essayed the role of Alexis Rose. Dan Levy earned a Golden Globe and four Emmy Awards for writing, directing and starring in Schitt’s Creek.


(Featured Image Credits: Instagram @danlevy)

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