Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp Case: Twitter Thread Highlights The Other Side
Amber Heard Should Hire This Twitter User To Defend Her Case Better Than Her Lawyers

This Twitter thread highlights a lot of details contrary to popular opinion

The Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp case is in its third week of the hearing. Many accusations and claims have been made in the case by both sides. While Heard has constantly maintained that she has been sexually and physically harassed by Depp, the actor has denied the claims along with proof. 


Clearly, Amber Heard’s lawyers are not painting a very good picture to strengthen her case. While Depp has secured the whole internet’s confidence, Heard’s fans are failing to defend her online. Amidst all the chaos, a Twitter user is, however, trying to put forward her case in a very clear manner. Her tweets date back from when Heard met Depp on the sets of The Rum Diary and continue to explain the tragic toxic relationship the two shared. She raised some points that even her lawyers haven’t, making her a suitable candidate for Heard to hire for her case. 

Here Are Some Of The New Developments That Very Few Are Aware Of:

Heard Was ‘Falsely’ Accused Of Hitting Her Ex-Partner

Not sounding too biased towards Heard, the Twitter user began the trail of tweets by talking about how the actress was arrested for hitting Tasya Van Ree, whom she was dating in 2009. Charges were quickly dropped when Van Ree stated that Heard was “wrongfully arrested.”

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The Disco Bloodbath


The Twitter user explains how Depp used terms like ‘Disco Bloodbath’ to intimidate Heard. Depp hit her while wearing heavy rings when he thought she was cheating on her. Heard claims that she injured her lip badly. The user attached a picture of her after this incident. 

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Heard Talked To Her Mother About Her Toxic Relationship


In an illustration, the user showed how the actress had texted her mother talking about Depp. The messages contained chats where she talked about how much she loves Depp but cannot see him go into this spiral. She admits that he was not being violent. 

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Depp Pulled Heard’s Hair


The user attached pictures where Heard can be seen with a lock of her hair in her hand. Depp allegedly dragged her by the hair through his LA penthouse during a fight, tearing out clumps of her hair.

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Heard Was Once Recused From Depp


The actress was rescued by her neighbour, Raquel Pennington and friend, Joshua Drew, who took her to their apartment to protect her from Depp. The actor even allegedly threw his iPhone hard at Heard, causing an injury. She was on the phone with her friend, iO Tillet Wright, who called 911 for her. Wright claimed he heard Depp saying he’d peel her hair back. 

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Soon after these incidents, Amber Heard filed a divorce from Johnny Depp, citing irreconcilable differences. She obtained an emergency temporary restraining order. On August 16, 2016, Depp and Heard settled their divorce. As part of the settlement, Heard withdrew her request for a domestic violence order of protection and accepted $7M. She later was granted the full $7M divorce settlement. 


Heard then wrote an op-ed for The Washington, talking about being a victim of domestic violence. Depp filed the ongoing case for the very same opinion piece. 

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