World Environment Day: Here Are 5 Stars Who Are Doing Their Bit To Save Mother Earth

It’s the right day to take the pledge to be more environmentally conscious

Celebrities often are influential when it comes to guiding the audience. They are looked up to for various reasons; be it the kind of lifestyle they live or the things that they advertise—fans imbibe all of it. This puts a huge responsibility on celebs to be more conscious of their choices and the things they advocate. Some stars know the power they hold and put it to good use and bring awareness to various issues that plague us. We have a few stars in the industry who are using this said power to educate people about the environment and what better time to celebrate them than on World Environment Day?


We have often seen Dia Mirza, Alia Bhatt, and Aamir Khan talking about why we should be more conscious about the way we treat Mother Earth and have been vocal about why saving the environment is the need of the hour.


Here are five celebs who are true-blue environmentalists:


Alia Bhatt



Alia Bhatt was the brainchild behind an initiative called Coexist. Under this initiative, she tried to get people to understand the balance between nature and life. The actress loves animals and is an active voice for our furry friends. Not just that, she has championing the cause of saving our ocean. #BeatPlasticPollution was another campaign she got rolling. Apart from this, she’s launched a kids clothing line called Edamamma which is eco fashion.


Bhumi Pednekar



Pednekar has never missed chance to talk about saving the environment. Her initiative, Climate Warriors, was a big hit. She turns people’s attention to issues like oil spills, carbon footprints, government policies and practices that have caused damage to resources. “My goal as a climate warrior this year is genuinely to see people take action on planet conscious behaviour. I think for me all of 2021 is only going to be about hammering better habits, about hammering and making sure that people actually do something about everything that we have been speaking about right from less consumption of single-use plastics to making sure that individually we all reduce our carbon footprint,” she once said in an interview.


Dia Mirza



One of the strong champions in this space, Dia Mirza has been appointed the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India, for all the right reasons. She actively advocates mindful environmentalism. Mirza is also the ambassador of Wildlife Trust of India, which is a part of Swachh Bharat Mission’s youth-based programme and is also a member of the Sanctuary Nature Foundation. She once said, “Every little deed towards a greener lifestyle goes a long way and every little choice that we make must be rooted in respecting the diversity of nature” little choice that we make must be rooted in respecting the diversity of nature.” We are with Dia Mirza on this one.


Aamir Khan



Aamir Khan covered various issues regarding the environment on his show, Satyamev Jayate. His non-profit organisation, Paani Foundation, has also worked towards prevention of drought and watershed management in the state of Maharashtra. He is also the man behind the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup competition, in which villages contest among themselves to enforce watershed management and water conservation methods that will be beneficial to them.


Rahul Bose



Rahul Bose was appointed the Oxfam Global ambassador in 2007. The actor has been active in the areas of climate change, global warming and other environmental concerns. He has always worked with NGOs closely to find ways to protect the environment. His non-profit organisation is also working to make a change and spread awareness about global warming.


We hope we can all draw some inspiration and do out bit to save Mother Earth and take a pledge to be more environmentally conscious.

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