Comments On Mouni Roy’s Bikini Photo Prove That India Never Learns

One of the first things to do as a journalist (or not?) in the morning is to scroll through your Twitter feed. And Wednesday’s trending posts had a bikini picture of TV actress Mouni Roy from her vacation.





Humming the heart jazz ❤️


— Mouni Roy (@Roymouni) June 27, 2017



Don’t judge us, this is not what this article is about. What caught our eye was the unabashed hatred in response to this post directed at the Naagin 2 actress from some internet trolls.


They accused her of threatening the safety of women through her actions.





Knew it waha jaate hi apne kapde sab fek doge as usual u least aisa pic public place me upload maat kro 4 other girls safety


— Divya (@Divya46995912) June 27, 2017



Things escalated really quickly thereafter as the trolls then blamed such actions for heinous crimes like rapes.





Aaj ki generation wont understand u.just they vl get obsessed with ur a result u k9-Rapist India’s record


— Divya (@Divya46995912) June 27, 2017



What was even worse was to witness was so much loathing from women, who are indirectly bowing down to patriarchy with such regressive mindsets.





She can post anything she wants.


If it  is right for male actors to put up their shirtless gym selfies, Mouni can also put up her *


— Nandini Barman (@Luna99NB) June 27, 2017



But the silver lining in this incident shone bright in the form of support for Mouni from other sections of the internet.





There’s no problem in Mouni wearing a bikini in public.


It’s her fundamental right to wear anything  she wants .


Plus she’s in a beach.


— Nandini Barman (@Luna99NB) June 27, 2017



We also rally right behind Mouni’s choice to flaunt her body. She has worked hard to achieve fame on the small screen and also, her killer looks are pretty hard to ignore IMO.





I mean 🔥


— Mouni Roy (@Roymouni) June 25, 2017






Windy witchy wednesdays


— Mouni Roy (@Roymouni) June 22, 2017



So, keep up the good work Mouni. You go girl!

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