Elon Musk Vladamir Putin Fight

Elon Musk Challenges Putin To A Combat With Ukraine At Stake

Elon Musk also tagged the official Kremlin account for confirmation

In today’s edition of ‘Keeping Up With Musks,’ the billionaire has now challenged Vladamir Putin to GOT-inspired single combat. The stakes being ‘Україна’ or Ukraine. As expected, the Russian president is yet to take up Musk on his offer. 

In a quick follow-up tweet, Musk replied to himself tagging the Kremlin’s Twitter account, with “Do you agree to this fight?” 

Musk has publicly taken a stance against Russia, amidst the conflict with Ukraine. The 50-year old recently offered the help of his Starlink array of satellites to aid Ukraine, as it fends off the Russian invasion. 

The billionaire was also in the news recently for his supposed “minimal” life, as described by his ex-girlfriend Grimes. In the same interview, Grimes also revealed that the couple has welcomed a baby daughter named Exa Dark Sideræl Musk. 

Meanwhile, the reaction to Musk’s tweet has been a mixed bag. Here are some of our favourites: