Photos of Syed Ahmad Sadat, Afghanistan’s former communication and technology minister, were posted on Twitter by Al Jazeera Arabia. The former Afghan minister could be seen on a bicycle in a food delivery person’s ensemble.

Sky News claim to have spoken to Sadat and confirmed that these are his photos. He started working as a food delivery professional for German company Livrando. According to the reports, he had run out of money.

He went on to tell the news portal that he hopes his story will serve as a “catalyst” to change the way high-ranking people live their lives in the Asian and the Arabic sides of the world. A man who was once constantly surrounded by security personnel, Sadat now finds himself delivering pizza on a bicycle.

Sadat holds two master’s degrees in communications and electronic engineering from Oxford University. He also has over two decades of experience in his former field.

The former Afghan minister lives in Leipzig, where he reached in December last year after leaving Afghanistan. He quit the job in 2020 and went to Germany.

Sadat joined Ashraf Ghani’s cabinet in 2018, but resigned from his post in 2020, having some differences with the latter.

For 23 years, Sadat has worked in the field of communications with over 20 companies, in 13 countries, including Saudi Arabia, for Aramco and the Saudi Telecom Company.

Sadat, in that time, has worked also as technical advisor to Afghanistan’s communication and information technology ministry from 2005 to 2013. He was also CEO of Ariana Telecom in London from 2016 until 2017.

Afghanistan came under total Taliban control on August 15, as the insurgent group captured the capital city of Kabul. Then-president Ghani evacuated from the country within hours and is believed to be in the UAE currently. Many countries rescue their nationals; chaos ensues as the people of Afghanistan react to the situation.

Reacting to the developments in Afghanistan, Sadat told Sky News that he never expected the civilian government to fall so quickly.

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