Gear up Mumbai! The EDM carnival is back with Major Lazer, who are all set to perform at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, tonight! Well-known for their extravagant and over-the-top live performances, Mumbai is in for a real treat with some cutting-edge electronic music by Major Lazer.


Renowned for their smash-hit tune ‘Lean On’, which was shot in a splendid palace in Karjat, Maharashtra, Major Lazer garnered over a billion views for this peppy track on YouTube.

Watch the music video here:

And now, they’re back in town, to sweep you off your feet with their terrific electronic music act, touted as one of the biggest events in the city. Tonight, they are expected to draw thousands of party-goers who are looking out to groove to their music. But before that, let’s take a look at their interview with MW, where they talk about their elation at performing in India, their expectations out of an Indian audience and the Desi musicians they’d wish to collaborate with.


How excited are you to perform in India? What expectations do you have from the Indian audience?

We are very excited to perform at Mad Decent Block Party in India. And our local promoters Sunburn have been doing some insane stuff in India so we are expecting big room love and some positive vibes!

What aspects of Indian music do you enjoy (if any)? Indian musicians you follow/listen to?

I think the classical side to Indian music is just phenomenal. It’s just so destressing. We’d like to do more stuff with Indian producers if there’s a natural vibe and a connect.

Lean On has been such a crazy hit in this country. What went into the process of creating that piece?

India is special and its cultural diversity absolutely humbled me. When we toured there as Major Lazer, it was mind-blowing to see our fan-base and we wanted to incorporate that vibe into our video. Major Lazer has always been a culture mashup, and to us India feels like some kind of special place, backed by a strong legacy and an even stronger future. The experience is something we’ll never forget.

Globally, how do you think the consumption of music has changed?

Today the electronic music belongs to youth culture and its accessibility is part of the genre’s allure. Any kid can pick up a laptop and make music. The genre has grown because of festivals and shows that happen so often now, and then there’s social media. It’s an evolution. The thing is that, every musical genre starts from the underground, gets trendy, then it becomes popular, and then it dies or it is reinvented in a different way. It keeps evolving, every year; something new comes up, and now it’s at the highest it ever has been, so now I don’t know how much higher and how much better it’ll get. It has been more than 20-25 years that this music is existing, so it’s already amazing. Sunburn has done some pretty good stuff with Indian market on EDM.

Ten years down, what are the further changes you perceive in the industry?

I feel like you have to evolve, we can’t still be making the same records now that we were making when ‘Pon De Floor’ came out or when the last album came out so it’s just evolution. Music’s always going to evolve and we can’t really stop that, so we have to figure out what’s the next thing and how we move towards that as opposed to just being like, ‘Oh cool let’s just continue making tear out EDM hits that are going to last 2 months and then somebody else is making the exact same thing under a different name.

Is there a trend in music that bothers you?

Music can never bother us. It’s always about being at the top of your game. We focus on what we are going to put out and all our energies are focused on creating timeless music and newer sounds. Where’s the time to track competition?

Three musicians you would love to collaborate with and why?

I’d love to. I think India has a bunch of talented people.  I was thinking maybe AR Rahman.

What do you do when you are not busy making music?

I am more of a curator and my passion lies in music. At the back of my mind I always keep thinking about new ideas for my fans.

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