Twitter Users Thank Elon Musk

People Thank Elon Musk For Adding ‘Edit’ Button After He Is Announced As Twitter’s Newest Board Member 

The feature will initially be rolled out to Twitter Blue subscribers.

It is finally happening. Twitter will soon be introducing the “edit button” to its platform in the coming days. The micro-blogging site confirmed that it’ll start testing the feature with Twitter Blue subscribers in “the coming months.”

In a Twitter thread, the company’s VP, Jay Sullivan elaborated on the matter saying the editing functionality has been “the most requested Twitter feature for many years” further adding that Twitter has been looking to build it “in a safe manner since last year.”

Back in 2018, Twitter’s former  CEO, Jack Dorsey, had shared his reluctance towards adding the feature as it would let users change a tweet’s meaning after it was widely shared. Fast forward to 2020, he doubled down on his comments stating that Twitter would “probably never” add the edit option.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, especially after Elon Musk recently acquired about a 9.2 per cent stake in the company and conducted a poll on whether Twitter should add an edit button. The result was that 73.4 per cent of users were in favour of the option.  

Speaking of whom, the billionaire was also welcomed as a board member of the company, after initial internal discussions. This was confirmed by Twitter CEO, Parag Agarwal, who wrote – 

To which, Musk replied with this – 

Now, exactly what changes Musk wishes to implement remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the news of the edit button being added to Twitter has been creating quite a buzz on the social media website. Here are some of our favourite reactions –